A Kayak For Two People In Thier 70s?


Am I serious?  Really.  Two people in their 70s both of whom are overweight in a Kayak.

I have thought about buying one, kayak that is, for a couple of years before we sold and for a lot of the same reasons that I do now.  Pauline doesn’t show near the interest in fishing  as she once did which leaves just me.  She has been my fishing partner for the last 25 plus years.  The boat we had, although still perfectly serviceable was older more trouble, I think, to operate by myself if necessary and more expensive to run.  It had a 90 hp engine which required the purchase of gas and oil and old enough that parts were getting both scarce and expensive if a problem arose.  And to be completely honest not a boat she ever particularly liked and with some valid reasons.  Another reason for me was more physical activity, ESPECIALLY with no property and no built in way of being physically active.
I have never enjoyed exercise just for the sake of exercise.  Now let’s throw in the new life style.  We live in a motorhome and pull a trailer with a second vehicle.  I know some States allow tandem trailers on a commercial level but I don’t believe I have ever seen a private individual pulling more than one trailer AND even if they do I have no desire to do so.  Already we have had to deal with more than a couple of idiots on the road in our short travels and I have probably been called much worse than idiot on a couple of occasions myself.  Maybe even earned that title at the time.
Where does the Kayak come in with all this?  Let’s look at that for a moment.
I suddenly find myself with long days with not much to keep me busy and no way to get out on the water which seems to be a major factor in where we travel.  A kayak would give me easier one person access to fishing or just doing something.  Compared to the traditional 16 – 18′ boats that I have always owned it is small easily transported, no trailer required and economical to operate.  All it requires is muscle power.  Which I need to use not only to get or keep in shape physically anyway and my learning the skills to use it well which may well help the health of the grey matter.  A little exercise there too won’t hurt.  And maybe most important of all is that it can provide me with something to do to keep me from just sitting and doing nothing all day which drives me AND PAULINE when I try it stark raveing mad.
Economically I can buy one for much less than the eight to 15 thousand dollars I would probably spend on a newer runabout.  As mentioned earlier the operating cost is just me and Pauline if she is with me plus whatever bells and whistles we decide we just have to have on it.  You know things like an electric motor.  We already have one of those in the infamous trailer in TN.  Infaous?  Oh yeah.  It is the one we bought to avoid long term storage cost till we decide for sure what we are going to do.  It seems everything we need is still in it!  Of course we are somewhere else and even if there what we need is always somewhere in the middle so we can’t get to it.  A depth recorder might be in order considering we do most of our fishing in or on the flats with 4 to 6 foot depths being more the norm.  You know those have to have items.


Yeah Right! I am a little daring or foolish on occasion but this goes above and beyond

Am I or we physically  able to handle it?  That we won’t know until I have one and try it.  I tend to think I can if I will.  Until recently I have been moving 50 lb. sacks of feed by hand without a problem.  Cutting up and moving downed trees with a chain saw and useing a tractor for the heavy stuff.  Mowing my own 2 acre lawn.  Admittedly I had a riding mower  I want to remain physically able but I’m not stupid.  And do whatever repairs or chores went along with owning a house, barn, some livestock and 9 acres of land.  So yes I think so
I will never pass for a body builder and admit that I am at least 30 pounds overweight but don’t want it to get worse or me to become anymore unable to do things for myself but already see myself losing strength and even more agility than my 70 year age has already taken .  But a Kayak? What kind? How Long?  They only have one seat right?  How heavy are they?  They aren’t very big what if you fall out?  Can you just sit there in one spot for hours on end?  Most of the old people I know their joints are stiff and they need to move around often. Is Pauline getting and going to be able to handle one of her own.  You are going to have to haul it too where your going to put it?  Are you sure?  And the questions just keep comeing.

I feel this is getting long and cumbersome so I am going to close for now and for my thoughts on these and other questions you haven’t even thought of yet, you will have to join me for the next edition.

kayakwith 2 people

NOPE that is not Pauline and myself. I never did have a mustache.

Am I Really Going To Get A Kayak?  Look for it.


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