The Hobby Farmer Has Questions (About Steelheads)

You ever run into something that just kind of keeps you asking questions about it?    Something that may be of no real importance at

The Hobby Farm’s 2016 In Retrospect

Good Morning!  Seems like I start a lot of my posts this way doesn’t it?  Actually there is a good reason for this.  I am an early

STEELHEAD Something New On the Hobby Farm (AGAIN)

Once again we tried something new!  Now a few years back that may well have had entirely different images coming to mind but it

It’s 2017 Here On Our Little Farm

GOOD MORNING AMERICA.  I think it has dawned on just about all of us that the new year has officially begun.  in fact it is

Shocking Information Found By The Hobby Farmers

Did you know cotton seed oil is used for cooking?  I certainly did not.  I did know cotton seed oil was a by product

Slab Apple Pie (New To This Farm)

Doesn’t look much like an Apple Pie does it? About a month before thanksgiving Pauline started looking for a set of cookie cutters.  Not

Viscous Rumors About Farm Hogs Fact Or Fiction

I have heard it all my life and have to admit that until I was grown, or at least grown enough to start thinking

Today’s Hobby Farm Breakfast

Breakfast. Our eating habits have changed on the farm over the years but that does not mean they cannot be just as tasty and

The Cost Of Raising Sheep To Eat, OR NOT

The last commonly raised farm animal that I can think of at least is sheep.  In an effort to help you decide if either

Thanksgiving Away From The Farm

We decided to take some time away from the farm for Thanksgiving and visit with our son in up state NY who we had