What Is Life On A Hobby Farm Like “Let Me Tell You”

I woke up this morning at 4 o:clock in the morning.  Now that in and of itself is not unusual.  Pauline usually makes a

How Is Your Summer On The Farm

It has been HOT here and BUSY.  You would think with 16 hours of daylight each day I would be making a lot of

Raising a Beef For Home Or Sale What Does It Take

A while back I was doing a post on the animal best suited to give the best return for the dollar and time invested


Good Morning again.  Yes it is early here again, about 6:30.  Why so early?  Well I am up anyway whether I want to be

Time To Wean The Calves Fun On The Farm

This actually ties several needed parts of the farm life into one.  Not a lot of details here but we touch on a lot

Created Myself Another Farm Issue or Problem

Yeah I know I said putting up that lean-to off the barn was to be the next project but then I remembered that I still

Hobby Farm Land Clearing

In quite a few of the earlier post I have spoken of the amount of land we have that is still virtually unusable as

Best Return Animal On The Farm

While writing a recent post http://hobbyfarmlife.com/hobby-farm-reproduction-issues/ I made a statement that in my opinion (and I quote)  And on a serious note. Rabbits!  For

Hobby Farm Reproduction Issues

This Is Not JUST A Hobby About 12 years ago when we first started this part of our life there were many, and I

Predators On The Farm Too

Normally when we hear or see the word Predators we or at least I, unless in the farming mode, think of that sick ummmh